"Tina has been an absolutely fantastic acting coach so far! It was really easy to quickly feel comfortable in her classes thanks to her kind personality. I also appreciate her ability to provide feedback that is consistently constructive and digestible. Before taking these lessons, I hoped to tap into the darker, more dramatic side of my acting abilities but wasn't really sure where to begin. I didn't think acting school was a practical option for me at the time, and I also needed something virtual. Then I found Tina! Tina has really helped me feel confident in achieving my acting goals. I've learned a lot of acting methods and exercises I could do outside of the classroom as well. Thank you for all that you do!"

- Chloe Bycoskie


"Tina provided directorial support for a solo performance I was making. She is a generous and perceptive consultant — with her keen eye for detail, Tina lifted the quality of my performance and helped me take ownership of my work. Most of all, Tina's careful mentorship and expansive knowledge of theatre and performance helped me to discover new opportunities to learn and experiment in my own practice."

- Luke Macaronas


"Despite only having worked with Tokyo Acting Class for a year, Tina Rosner has helped me dive into the acting world and build my confidence as both a performer and an artist. Her personalized teaching process and flexible nature has kept me hungry for improvement and active in a post-pandemic Tokyo, studying various acting training methods remotely to more physical and voice-based training in person. For beginners and practitioners, Tokyo Acting Class provides a great outlet for aspiring and working actors to sharpen their performance skills and deepen their knowledge about acting and the industry that surrounds it."

- Julius Wang