It is for you if:


you are a beginner, and you

- would like to try acting

- would like to know how to start

- would like to experience the basic differences between stage and for-camera acting 

- would prefer to take private classes before/beside joining a group or agency

- would like gain confidence by improving your presentation skills

- would like to boost your mood by trying something new




you are an experienced actor, and you

- feel your skills are getting rusty during the pandemic

- would like to work on your focus and presence

- are preparing for an audition

- are interested in improving your acting skills

- would like to work on your monologues

- need a partner to practice a scene

- are devising your own performance, and you need constructive feedback in the process.


Available both as online session and in-studio format. 


Levels: Beginner / Experienced / Advanced